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Vitamin C & D + Zinc - Nutrition Greenlife

Vitamin C & D + Zinc

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Regain your muscle and bone strength by taking these necessary Vit. C & D + Zinc supplements

The constituents of these Nutrition Greenlife Vitamin C and D + Zinc supplements provide the body with necessary nutrients required to keep the muscles healthy, which otherwise are difficult to maintain healthy.

Boosts Immunity

These supplements contain vitamin C triggers the production of white blood cells aka the defenders of body, which play the most important role in immunity.

• Lowers heart disease risk

Taking these supplements indirectly ensures the maintenance of normal level of cholesterol in blood, which reduces the risk of heart diseases by many folds.

• Helps manage high blood pressure

Vitamin C & D + Zinc supplements show positive effects after being taken by patients of high blood pressure. These supplements are shown to have relaxed the blood vessels; hence maintaining the blood pressure.

• Prevents Gout

Gout is a joints disease causing severe pain in certain joints. This is caused by high levels of uric acid in blood. Vitamin C, in these supplements – reduces the uric acid in blood, and hence prevents the risk of gout attack.

• Protects loss of memory with age

• No side effects ensure normal body functions intact

• Equally good for people of all ages

• Body friendly & easily dissolvable

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